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I'm a business health lawyer with experience in both Big Law and in-house roles.  I have a demonstrable interest in corporate health law, which has inspired me to write and share informative articles on the topic.  My professional experience includes representing various types and sizes of businesses on matters concerning health transactions and regulations.  I partner with the stakeholders of these businesses to provide my insights on diverse corporate, commercial, and regulatory health law matters.  I consistently strive to provide top-notch legal counsel to my clients by effectively and efficiently resolving issues within this highly regulated field. 

The purpose of this digest is to fuel my continued exploration of my passion for health law through research, writing, and practical experience gained along the way.  My goal is to deepen my understanding of health law while sharing engaging articles that are accessible to a broad audience.  To achieve this, I emphasize simplicity and clarity in my writing, ensuring that the content remains concise and easy to understand.  Join me as we delve into the fascinating world of health law, breaking down complex concepts into digestible content for everyone.

Sam Khan


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Sam Khan, Esq.

Director of Talking Health Law

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