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Health Care Fraud & Abuse a 50-State Survey published by AHLA

Publisher: AHLA


Published October, 2022 


Co-authored by Sam Khan

Health Care Fraud Law:

A 50 State Survey


Every health care business professional should consider having the first edition of "Health Care Fraud Law: A 50 State Survey."  This book covers prevalent topics from restrictions on fee-splitting, discounts, and rebates, to anti-kickback statutes. State fraud and abuse laws can greatly affect health care operations.  Notably, these state laws can come into play even if there's no government payer involved, showcasing their many variations and broad reach.


This is an invaluable resource for anyone working in health care and serves as a time-saving starting point. It is created by knowledgeable health lawyers from the AHLA Fraud and Abuse Practice Group.

In particular, this is a useful guide for attorneys counseling healthcare providers, health organizations, associated businesses, and investors. 

It helps navigate regulatory complexities and provides advice across various disciplines and jurisdictions.


If want more details or would like to purchase this book, click here.

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